We have worked with Raley and Associates for 18 years. (Frank, that’s how long I have been here please put change to total years with YMMC). They are determined not only to get a good understanding of the position they are filling but also they strive to find candidates who will work well in our company culture. They take the extra time needed with the hiring managers to make sure they understand fully the “must haves” for each hiring manager. They are always willing to make sure we have all the information we need regarding candidates so we can make the best decision for our organization. We truly value our partnership with Raley and Associates.


Tricia Pina
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing
Human Resources Unit Manager


My Experience with Raley & Associates Inc.

In a time when many companies are trying to “re-discover” Customer Service, this is a trair that sets a business apart from the pack. In dealing with Raley & Associates, this is the primary item that sets them apart for me in our 8 year relationship, originally as a candidate and later as a hiring manager.

As a candidate, Frank Raley took the time to understand my background and skill set as well as my requirements for a position. The opportunities he presented to me were always applicable to my skill set and requirememnts. This was not the case with other recruiters I was dealing with at the same time. It was for this dependability and attention to detail that I contacted Raley & Associates Inc next as a hiring manager. After multiple placements, I always expect, and receive, qualified candidates with the skill set that match our expectations. I always get what I a’m looking for from Raley & Associates: Quick Response, Qualified Candidates, and great Customer Service. I would highly recommend this recruiting team, and have historically done so, to friends and business associates.

Alea Harris

Raley Recruiting Associates

Raley & Associates, LLC is an executive search firm specializing in recruiting technical and professional personnel for engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, construction jobs, and hospitality jobs. We’ve been in operation for over 24 years, successfully placing skilled personnel with industry leaders.