No more shuffling resumes of unqualified job applicants. Rely on Raley & Associates, LLC to recruit and qualify candidates before their name crosses your desk. While we have a proven strategy to place people in the right positions, we tailor our approach to fit each client’s unique situation.

Recruit the right candidates

We are experts at identifying talent, and we have a firm understanding of your industry and the skills you need in your roles. We search for candidates whose abilities, education, and experience align with your requirements.

We search our targeted database of pre-qualified job-hunters and simultaneously create a job posting on trusted job boards and screen all submissions. We are also connected to 1,000 recruiters nationwide and we personally qualify any candidates that are recommended.

Refine the selection

We know you don’t need the names of 50 applicants who might be a good fit. That’s why we shortlist select candidates and submit a summary highlighting their background, salary history, relocation needs, and other key details.

Raley & Associates coordinates telephone and face-to-face interviews to make reviewing multiple candidates a smoother process. We arrange meeting times and locations and coordinate travel and lodging if needed.

We follow-up with the client after each interview to ensure the candidate was acceptable and discuss moving forward with the search.

Hire the best one

If you’ve found the right candidate, we aim to protect your investment in their employment. Raley & Associates conducts background and reference checks, verifies education and past employment before an offer is made.

Once you’ve made a decision, you can leave it in our hands. We work to place the offer, obtain confirmation, and coordinate a start date and relocation as needed.


Raley & Associates will send an invoice for the agreed fee upon the start of the candidate. Fees are non-refundable.

Recruiters cannot control what happens to the candidate once they are hired. However, we provide a 30-day replacement guarantee. If the new hire leaves for any reason during the first 30 days of employment, we will attempt to replace the candidate at no additional cost. In 24 years, Raley & Associates has only had to replace four candidates.

Raley Recruiting Associates

Raley & Associates, LLC is an executive search firm specializing in recruiting technical and professional personnel for engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, construction jobs, and hospitality jobs. We’ve been in operation for over 24 years, successfully placing skilled personnel with industry leaders.