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Let us become your company’s recruiting department. We can fill open positions faster, bringing more flexibility and time to your day.

We are a North Carolina-based recruiting firm that provides clients with our custom employee procurement solutions, including locating, qualifying, and presenting highly talented candidates. Eliminate advertising costs and save time reviewing resumes and holding interviews. We manage the entire process, and you don’t pay until you hire someone.

We have the relationships and tools to get in front of primed individuals with the experience and skills you require. A more specialized candidate database means a better employee at your company.

Raley & Associates specializes in recruiting highly-sought after candidates for engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, construction jobs and hospitality jobs. We use the latest recruiting technology to connect us to thousands of qualified job-seekers across the country, so you’re not limited to local talent.

Raley Recruiting Associates

Raley & Associates, LLC is an executive search firm specializing in recruiting technical and professional personnel for engineering jobs, manufacturing jobs, construction jobs, and hospitality jobs. We’ve been in operation for over 24 years, successfully placing skilled personnel with industry leaders.